martes, 15 de septiembre de 2015

I cleared my PMP exam yesterday!!!

I am so glad to announce that i passed my PMP exam yesterday on my first try, a good gift for myself in my local city anniversary.I wouldn't success without the feedback received in this forum, all lesson learned inputs helped me a lot, so i will leave my personal experience here. 
1. I read the PMBOK twice 
2. I read in deep Rita prep book three times. 
3. Answered hundred of online free tests (Most of them mentioned in his group, Thank you all..) 
4. I took a preparation course some time ago with two excellent teachers, I want to special thank to Rocio Zelada and Cecilia Boggi for the classes. 
5. I participated in one PMP prep experience session with my colleague Alvaro Pozo that help me to have the initial guide in how to prepare for this moment, Thank you Alvaro... 
6. I prepared my self every day by two hours during 5 months, focusing in understanding all PMIs and trying not to memorize all basic concepts. 
7. I reviewed Saket Bansal's videos very helpful for most of the concepts. 
8. I reviewed as well Linda Fiorenzano's videos very direct concepts for PMP 
9. I was selected by the audit which i know the majority had been selected last months, i just prepared and sent the required support docs and they approved it in the following 5 days, I want to special thanks to Lucia Argandona for helping me in this approach. 

I want to advice to the people that are going to take the test not to stress to much, i couldn't sleep too much the day before the test so i arrived little sleepy to the test center and couldn't have the chance to bring with me coffee or candies (so take your previsions), the personal didn't have them in the center, and another thing was that they used to enter to the room every 15 min that distracted to me a little, the time i think was just enough to answer all questions with just 5 min left to review marked questions, the real exam was not so quite different from the tests i found, but most of them need to understand how to handled the scenarios more than answer general concepts. 

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