martes, 25 de noviembre de 2014

Daily standup meeting tips

I want to share some tips for improving the daily meeting ceremony. I will start defining the three basic rules.
  • Every team member report what have being done yesterday
  • What are you plan to during the day
  • What is blocking your task progress
First my advice is to place the daily meeting at the first hours of the work day, since we share our progress and problems so all team can support and assist any team member. Every team member should be at least 5 minutes before meeting starts, so we avoid interrupting any member report. We have a 15 min time box for this meeting as maximum if some specific issue is raised we should discuss it offline with only the persons involved (time is gold and we don't want to waste the rest of the team). 

We also must follow an order for the reports we can use the table place order starting from the right, when someone starts should say his name and briefly the working progress (percentage of the task) and when he/she expects to complete it, we must avoid being too general or detailed, when he/she finish should say something like "That's it" , "That's me" or "That would be my day" so remote people can be aware that is his turn to continue.

One good practice is to review during this meeting the task board, so we can have a clear picture of the current work progress, we can display the burn down chart and review the remaining sprint resources hours, then we can identify the people that needs more help or if it would be necessary to notify some risk in order to complete the committed user stories to stakeholders.

In my experience I think would be great to include the PO in this meeting if it is possible so he/she is committed as well with the team and known the current progress.

Hope this will be helpful for your teams. Please don't hesitate to leave your comments/questions.

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